Dr. Pawel Suwinski
Dr. Pawel Suwinski is a medical professional with experience in clinical genomics, healthcare informatics, healthcare economics, and healthcare industry research. He obtained his MBBS degree from Warsaw Medical University. He has an
MSc in Healthcare Management and a Graduate Certificate in Human Clinical Genetics. Dr Pawel heads the Healthcare Advisory Department at Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad (MGRC), where he is responsible for clinical genomics research and product development.

Welcome to the fascinating world of genome-based medicine for improving patient health outcomes.

By viewing your patient's genetic profile, you have the power to use the information encoded in their genes to help them maximise their genetic potential and lead them to long lasting optimal health. Gene-environment interactions in the disease process is also an important step toward analysis of diseases using molecular techniques and may eventually lead to improved disease prevention strategies.

Genomic technologies are revolutionizing healthcare, and in order to take full advantage of the advances emerging from this field,

we need to get comfortable with its language and concepts.Welcome to the fascinating world of genome-based medicine for improving patient health outcomes.

Genetics Accredited Practitioner Information
Practitioners spend two days on focused clinical interpretation and application.

Placing genome-based healthcare in perspective, practitioners learn the power of Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics and how it can be applied in clinic to offer patients everyday personalised health and wellbeing programs.

Working with your own genetic profile, learn about clinically relevant genetic markers associated with major types of diseases and how genetic screening can assist and support clinical intervention, how to better manage the health needs of your patients through genetic

profiling and personalised health-improvement interventions, genetic screening tests can offer your patients tangible health improvement results and at the same time improve the bottom line of your practice learn how to interpret the results and how to translate this for your patients, who will benefit from a personalised health and wellbeing program that focuses on their individual needs and goals.

The workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to Basic Human Genetics
  • Understanding the Genetic Screening Process
  • Application of Genetic Screening in Healthcare Practice
  • Interpreting Genetic Screening Reports

Key topics:

  • Basic human genetics
  • Genetic expression and epigenetics
  • Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics
  • Inflammation
  • Homocysteine metabolism
  • Detoxification phase 1 & 2
  • Weight management
  • Dietary sensitivities
  • Bone health
  • Sports-induced risks​