Using PGx Testing to Guide Treatment Improves Response Rate and Lowers Health Care Costs

GHC's Chief Executive Officer, Tommy Lee, said, "a person's genetic makeup plays an important role in determining the right drug and dosing for a particular condition.
A treatment that works for one individual may not work or may cause severe side effects, for another individual. Often, drug choice and dosage require experimentation in order to find the best treatment option." 

"We are the first generation in human history to have access to our own genetic information, this is one part of a large cutting-edge trend in health care called personalised medicine, often described as "providing the right medicine, the right dose to the right patient at the right time", Say Tommy Lee.

Currently in hospitals all over the world, many drugs that are currently available are “one size fits all,” but they don’t work the same way for everyone.

It can be difficult to predict who will benefit from a medication, who will not respond at all, and who will experience negative side effects (called adverse drug reactions). Often, a patient must return to their doctor over and over again until the doctor can find a drug that is right for them. In the United States, adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause of death in hospitalised patients, one in four prescribed drugs could harm a patient and are annually responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and US$136 billion per year in added costs. 

Each person responds differently to prescription medications. PGx testing uses genetic information about a person's genetic makeup to choose the drugs and drug doses that are likely to work best for that particular person. Delivering immediately accessible and medically actionable information,

PGx testing results provide optimal drug selection and dosage based on an individual’s genetic profile. By screening an individual’s DNA, personalised results decrease the risk of adverse drug effects while expediting effective patient treatment, PGx testing may also help to save time and money. 

By using information about a person's genetic makeup, doctors soon may be able to avoid the trial-and-error approach of giving you various drugs that are not likely to work for patients until they find the right one. Using PGx testing, the "best-fit" drug to help you can be chosen from the beginning. 
We utilise the latest in genotype technology coupled with a cutting-edge clinical team to deliver on our belief “right drug and right dose at the same time to decreased side effects" for every patient.

A person's genetic makeups which are very important when determining the effectiveness of certain drugs for certain diseases and how a patient will react to them. PGx testing may also help to quickly identify the best drugs to treat people with certain mental health disorders. For example, while some patients with depression respond to the first drug they are given, many do not, and doctors have to try another drug. Because each drug takes weeks to take its full effect, patients' depression may grow worse during the time spent searching for a drug that helps.

"It's totally different from the traditional way of prescribed medications." PGx testing is re-shaping traditional care by replacing the trial-and-error method of finding the right drug and or dose for patients. Doctors use PGx testing to provide personalised medicine rather than using the population-based or one size fits all approach. The pharmaceutical companies and hospitals will save money because the pharmacogenomics testing results will allow the doctor to prescribe a more accurate dose of medication minimising waste, says Tommy Lee.

Genetics Healthcare Centre (GHC), a leading genetic screening services provider in Malaysia, today announced the launch of its new comprehensive Pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, 

Urologic diseases, mental health, immunological diseases and pain management 

that provides clinically relevant data for personalised treatment and cost-effective 

strategies for using the right drugs to decrease the risk of adverse drug reactions. 

PGx testing may serve as another tool to boost patients’ confidence in the safety

and efficacy of prescribed medications. Our goal is to find a more effective way of treating certain diseases and decreased side effects.