A growing understanding of human genetics holds the

promise to dramatically change healthcare through customised preventive care and treatments. Genetics Healthcare Centre launched the most comprehensive genetic testing for wellness and fitness in Thailand, the first of its markets in the world to introduce an innovative healthcare service that analyses one’s genetic makeup through the buccal swab kit.

The launch of genetic testing will empower consumer and physicians to provide more comprehensive personalised wellness program to meet the wellness and nutritional goals of their patients. The test provides evidence-based and actionable information that helps their patients to adjust their lifestyle, diet and exercises in order to help individuals live healthier and prevent the onset of chronic disease. 

New direct-to-consumer genetic testing for wellness and fitness empowers individuals with valuable health information to live healthier lives and to proactively prevent disease.

“Our mission is to give everyone the power to be in control of their own health. Genetic Healthcare Centre is a genetic testing and health technology company has developed a strong reputation in the industry. We are extremely excited to have more healthcare provider and insurance companies as

part of our international growth strategy to help people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with personalised, preventive, and

actionable genetic information." says Tommy Lee, founder of Genetics Healthcare Centre.

We are the first generation in human history to have access to our own genetic information; who can change our ways of seeing health, we empower individuals with their genetic data and valuable health information. With a simple DNA sample, individuals can discover how their genes affect their overall health, predispositions to certain types of diseases, diet, exercises, cancer risk. The personalised genetic information allows individuals to

focus on the modifiable lifestyle factors such as healthy diet, exercise regimen, appropriate supplement intake and proactively preventing diseases.

This is the technology that will improve healthcare and keep us healthy, it's not just about treating disease.

“The technology is moving really fast,” says Tommy Lee. When we started, the first test analysed 50 genes, which was pretty comprehensive for that

time. We’re now analysing 154 genes and identifies relevant 240 genetic markers which play an important role in influencing your health and fitness.

Tommy Lee said analysis of DNA, the long molecule that contains our genetic code is also a great way of helping people understand their genetic

risk and predispositions to certain types of diseases, allowing them to take proactive measures to delay or even avoid these illnesses. 

Even where test results reveal serious predispositions towards life-altering or life-threatening diseases, Tommy Lee wants people to realise that we

can do a lot to mitigate the threat.

For example, even though someone might have a high risk of type 2 diabetes, we know today that approximately 90 percent of type 2 diabetes around

the world can be prevented with a proper diet, he explains. A healthier lifestyle helps in many cases too. Genes aren’t your destiny, says Tommy Lee.

More than 90 percent of patients who have received wellness & fitness results have made positive changes in their diet and lifestyle. Most individuals expect their family doctors to help them manage risks. So this is a really great way of helping people understand their genetic risk, predisposition to disease, as well as understanding what’s the most optimal diet-nutrition-exercise profile to get them healthy.

Genetic testing for wellness and fitness program starts with DNA analysis that begins with a simple saliva swab. The sample is sent to the laboratory,

where a team of scientists and registered geneticists decode the person’s genetic makeup. The patients will then be given a detailed and personalised

health risk and nutrigenomics reports, the reports can help doctors provide targeted recommendations for patients based on their screening results.

These recommendations may include personalised exercise plans and diet, and optimum dosages of nutritional supplements.

"Current health practices are reactive, and mainly focused on management and treatment of health conditions. Genetic test is an innovative solution to make health become more predictive, proactive and preventative. As genomics plays an increasingly important role in insurance, we are extremely

excited to partner with insurance companies to provide genetic tests to help their policyholders live healthier and prevent disease while saving substantial healthcare costs. This opportunity may give millions of people the power to take control of their health,” says Tommy Lee.

Insurance is currently not the top of mind product for the general consumer population, therefore the industry itself is being highly underrated.

Only 30% market penetration of insurance products in Malaysia proves that the market itself presents a huge opportunity.

One of the reasons for the above-mentioned slow market dynamics is that people don’t find insurance important in their daily life. It’s really hard to think and care about the future since we’re all immersed in what’s going on now. It all comes down to the consciousness of yourself and your health and for a long time, there has been no widespread tool which would allow insurance and health companies to make that shift.

“Instead of cost-support, the insurance industry has realised the need to move into prevention, enabling people to be healthier since it’s in direct interest."

Tommy Lee says, "Health screening survey revealed that 80% of people in Malaysia rank health as their top priority. The people of Malaysia are

becoming more health conscious, and are increasingly proactive in taking preventive measures to keep the critical illness from occurring."

"The most important asset people have is their health. We believe that provide genetic tests to their policyholders will give them the information they

need to help them better manage their health risks, and adopt appropriate preventive measures to protect their health and live a long, healthy life."