A checkup for your genes
We believe in the power of technology to make people healthier. Genetic screening can detect possible risks for a genetic illness at an early stage. It can also reveal your predisposition towards certain illnesses that are inherited. You could then use this information to take the necessary steps to better manage your health.


Advantages of PGx testing

A simple genetic test could make your medications safer and more effective. People respond differently to medications based upon inherited variations in their genetic make-up. A medication that works for one person may result in adverse side effects in another. Pgx testing is re-shaping traditional care by replacing the trial and error method of finding the right drug and or dose for patients. 



Genetic Test

Our technology and standards.

Dtect is a range of genetic screening tests that blends innovative technologies with the latest advances in medical and genomics knowledge, allowing for fast, accurate, and affordable assessment of known genetic markers.

Our chip consists of fully custom panels of probes for detecting genetic variations. Each Dtect test is run on of the most accurate DNA profiling platforms available. Genetic screening test uses the latest research technologies available from Life Technologies Corporation and Illumina, USA.  

Dtect Accredited Practitioners are degree qualified, medical and allied health care professionals who have completed a Dtect Accreditation Workshop as part of their training in delivering the Dtect programs.

By analysing your patient's genetic profile, a Dtect Accredited Practitioner can design a targeted program of nutrition, exercise, prevention and life style choices designed specifically to suit your health goal. For example, blood pressure regulation, hormone imbalance, fertility, weight management or a combination of these issues can be addressed.

Dtect Accredited Practitioners.

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Understanding DNA
It is in your genetic makeup that you can discover your predisposition for various conditions and diseases. Most people already know something about the medical history of their parents and grandparents, but they may not know what conditions are inheritable or how different diseases are connected.


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Genetic screening.
Achieve a healthier lifestyle with personalised genetic screening

​​Find out how your genes affect your health
A simple genetic screening lets you find a lot more about your health, wellness and fitness. So that you can take steps to enjoy a healthier life. Understand your genes can help you reduce your risk of nutrition related‪ chronic diseases‬, ‪‎weight management‬, and ‪‎healthy living‬.


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